Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Melbourne LimoLink specializes in providing luxury transportation services to corporate, personal, and VIP clients. By providing these transportation services, we have entered into a relationship with our clients that involves the essential exchange of information in order to accept reservations and extend extra products and/or services, deliver the product and/or services customers have elected and manage client accounts. In keeping with the noble business ethic Melbourne LimoLink steadfastly upholds, we believe it is vital we provide our clients with a Privacy Policy Statement, in accordance with our strong focus on moral value and loyalty to the efficient protection of your privacy.

The following Melbourne LimoLink Privacy Policy Statement is applicable exclusively to all Australian clients and guests at our website. The purpose of this statement is to provide you with valuable insight as to how Melbourne LimoLink utilizes, accumulates, and most importantly secures your personal information.

What Information Does Melbourne LimoLink Collect and How Is It Used as per our Privacy Policy?

Keeping Track of Activity on Our Web Site To obtain records of the way our site is used by both anonymous guests of our site and registered customers, a small string of text is received by your browser. This is known as a “cookie”. Cookies collect data – including the server your computer is logged onto, the type of browser you are using (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Pale Moon, Internet Explorer). Cookies can determine whether you reached the site through an emailed link or a Melbourne LimoLink banner ad via an external website. Cookies are limited in the information they can collect – cookies are unable to spread computer viruses, obtain any information from your computers’ hard drive, or any of your personally distinguishable information. Please be aware that to view private or confidential information online, it is essential you allow cookies to ensure the web sites security. You can alter your computers’ web browser settings so that you have the ability to view when a cookie is being placed in your browser. You also have the ability to choose whether your browser accepts or declines all cookies. These options are found within your browsers’ preferences. Please note that if you want to access to MelbourneLimoLink website pages that allow you to view or use your own personal information, you must allow cookies within your browser for site administration and security.

We also keep track of site activity by using transparent digital images called “Web Beacons”, or “Clear GIFS”. These images keep a record of the number of visitors to the website from specific banner ads from emailed links or external websites. In addition, tags to collect numeric information to assist in understanding how our site is used, e.g. the amount of purchase online, called a “Spotlight Tag” is used on our website where transactions take place. None of these digital images collect any of your personally distinguishable information.

Collected Data After Placing an Online Booking:

When making a booking with us online you are providing us with your personal information. This information includes contact details and/or email addresses. Melbourne LimoLink accumulates data when you book online, including How you have used the website and inquiry form. In order to provide services to you and process transactions for you so we may create reservations for you, this information along with information about you as our customer, including preferences you have indicated, are all utilized in order to provide you with a pleasant online and offline experience. This also ensures the customization of online and offline offers.

Links to Our Web Site, Links to Other Sites, and Our Affiliates

Melbourne LimoLink has employed other companies to advertise us on other websites where the same tracking of information is used to report data back to us – this is called “Third-party advertisement servers”. Third-party advertisement servers are subject to their own privacy policies. These other companies do not collect any personal information by doing this and we do not provide your personal information to these companies. So we may provide your online products and services, we work with affiliates that have been chosen with care. If we are obligated to share any information with these affiliate companies in order to provide products or services to you, we first ensure their information and security practices are strict and thorough in order to ensure the confidentiality of all Melbourne LimoLink customer information. Our company affiliates are subject to auditing at any time to validate their security practices and functionalities. Please be aware that any sites that have been linked by the Melbourne LimoLink website or contained within an email will have their own security and privacy protocols that are different from Melbourne LimoLink. We highly recommend that you evaluate the privacy policy statements of these sites you visit.

How Your Email Address Is Used:

We may use your email address to communicate with you in an email message occasionally to keep you up to date with our latest products and services in addition to special offers from Melbourne LimoLink. If you have registered for regular updates, you will receive scheduled newsletters related to the products/services you are registered for. You can register for these updates on the Melbourne LimoLink website. You can also unsubscribe from these updates at any time you wish by clicking the unsubscribe link found within the email. Your email address is strictly confidential and if any merchant distributes emails to you on our behalf they are unable to use your email address for any other purpose. Our goal is to make any email updates that are sent to you as relevant to your own needs as possible. To enable this we may use the information provided by you in any initial information exchange or as a Melbourne LimoLink customer, from questionnaires and/or census bureau information.

When an email is sent to you, we are able to ascertain your email address information, e.g. whether or not you can view graphic-rich HTML email. If your email address has this function enabled, we can then send you graphic-rich email updates, as these formats are richer in detail. As mentioned earlier as a feature on our website, “Clear GIFS” are used within emails to measure the responses to our offers so we can learn how to assist you better in the future. As mentioned earlier we cannot retrieve any personally distinguishable information using these transparent images.

If you have requested to receive any information from partners or affiliates of Melbourne LimoLink you may receive email updates/newsletters from these external sources on our behalf as per our privacy policy. Melbourne LimoLink does not provide any companies personal information about you. Please follow the procedure required from the other company sending offers on our behalf if you would like to unsubscribe.

How to Unsubscribe From Emailed Offers:

If you would like to unsubscribe from receiving emailed offers from us you can contact us on 1800 931 799, or simply click the ‘unsubscribe link in the email itself. All emailed offers/newsletters provide the option to unsubscribe from receiving upcoming offers within the email and instruct how to do so. You may also receive other newsletters regarding different Melbourne LimoLink products and/or services; if you would like to unsubscribe from them you must respond to the email to decline them separately. If you have signed up for other products and/or services from Melbourne LimoLink, you will still receive email updates with essential information pertaining to them.

Safeguarding Your Information:

As per the privacy policy of Melbourne LimoLink, we value your security. Extra security within our website has been established in order to protect your personal information. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Technology, a “secure session” must be created anytime you provide or access any personal or confidential information in a secure online area of the site. This includes Credit cards and other financial information. SSL Technology opens a channel of private communication between your computer and the Melbourne LimoLink system. This information becomes encoded as it is being sent and received, so it cannot be transmitted anywhere else. An SSL-Compatible Browser and a Webserver to perform “key exchange” that establishes a secure connection to Melbourne LimoLink is required for SSL to function successfully. In order to be protected by SSL Technology, you must have an SSL-compatible browser. Some older versions of browsers do not support SSL Technology. We advise you to update your browser in order to securely access your private information on the internet. You will also need a compatible Internet Service Provider. Almost all ISP’s enable the SSL sessions aforementioned. If you are having difficulty accessing Melbourne LimoLink secure pages with an SSL browser, you may have permissions blocked through a “firewall”. Finally, in order for SSL Technology to function, you must have cookies in your browser enabled in order to have access to private and confidential information.

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